Mind Yoga is a non spiritual & non religious programme for people wanting to bring balance and calmness to the mind through simple, effective and powerful exercises and techniques. It’s purpose is to master the thoughts, the emotions and the mind, and to eliminate the effects of stress, worry and anxiety from everyday life. The word yoga simply means ‘Union’ and so Mind Yoga is Union of the Mind. It can be practiced by anyone, young or old, fit or unfit, as we work on the most powerful muscle of the body – The Mind. No yoga mat or lose fitting clothing needed, just bring yourself and the desire to live a life free from the effects of stress. 

Bring your blood pressure to balance
Become more focused and clear
Think more positively
Build self confidence

Eliminate migraines or tension headaches
Wake up feeling inspired and alive
Enjoy more satisfying relationships
Live authentically

Increases your immunity
Manage your emotional state

Cope with stress, worry and anxiety
Develop an open mind and heart

South Africa

Dubai & Singapore

0.5 Hours

up to 1 hour

70 session / 200 pm

per person

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