Hitesher Gef currently resides in South Africa along the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. He studied towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and is also a Medical Technician in Medical Microbiology. He is currently studying towards his Ph.D in Metaphysics.

Apart from being in love with science, Gef also has a passion for stand-up comedy and acting and has been a weekend radio personality. His vision is to become a world leading expert on philosophy, metaphysics, healing, human behaviour, and spirituality. 

Gef has devoted his life to study the laws of the universe, human behaviour and the mind. He is an author of 7 books, an inspirational speaker, shift consultant & hypnosis practitioner.

When he speaks hearts open, minds transcend limitation and people begin to open up to the realm of infinite possibilities. Gef’s mission, is to assist people in aligning themselves to their values, and help them make every dream come true. He inspires people to make their every hearts desire a reality.

Gef helps people move out of their heads and into their hearts, which is out of the fear, worry and pain and into Love, Passion, Power and Purpose; so that they live inspires lives – loving what they do and doing what they love. He does that by shifting perceptions and beliefs.

A perfect blend of deep spiritual insights and philosophy with modern psychology and practical tools, Gef adds his own unique perspective to deliver an entertaining and powerful message. Gef offers one on one coaching, 1 hours to weekend seminars and workshops as well as specific and tailor may corporate packages to suit your company. 

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