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Power Sessions

Grow your Company by Growing your Staff
15 minute power packed message delivered to your team, weekly 
The more energy and drive the employees have, the more the company grows. Employees that show up happy and enthusiastic at work are going to be more productive and efficient. 
The quality of the emotional and mental STATE of an employee determines whether your business grows or not.
Therefore it is paramount to boost the quality of the state your employee. 
Re-Inforce your companies values and principles.
Super charge your staff, raising their energy to incredible levels and injecting them with the fuel: (power, passion, purpose) to drive your business to ultimate success.

world     South Africa       Time     0.4 Hours       Rand     R1550  dl     Download Brochure or FULL Corporate Brocure

Book Hitesher Gef to speak at your next event or to your company

Hitesher Gef          031 916 2861  | 073 429 4857 | bookings@hiteshsurujbally.com

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Hitesh is an Amazing,Young, Inspirational Breath of Fresh Air! He is Humble and at the same time Powerful,with a Passion for Transformation! 
Sara Vande Merwe
In a world full of darkness in a world full of pain, some how we always find light, Hitesh is light!
John Dutton
What I like about Hitesh, is that he always walks his talk, and does things with a passion even when life gives him a challenge.
Barry Jacobs
Hitesh's enthusiasm is unstoppable as he guides people masterfully & effortlessly towards a positive mind track of breakthrough clarity of living their greatness.
David Groode
I am impressed by Hitesh's positivity and find his books to be uplifting and inspirational.
Jimmy Henderson (MA Psychology) Human behavior specialist and published author
Hitesh is vibrant & energetic. I was privileged to have attended one of his workshops and boy did it change my life and mindset for the better. Thank You Hitesh for being SUPER AWSOME. 
Mahomed Jabir Ebrahim
Dynamic and inspiring, Hitesh presents his ideas in a practical and entertaining way.
Melisha Poken
Hitesh is an amazing young man who has incredible insight into life, thus offering extraordinary advice for life's ordinary challenges with great understanding and empathy.
Liz Viviers
Hitesh is an amazing positive individual. As an eternal optimist, he inspires and motivates others to rise above their comfort zone and to not only seize the opportunities they are presented with, but also to create their won opportunities!
Vishanth Singh
Hitesh is a young, enthusiastic dynamic individual that made me remember how great life really is!
Bimal Maharaj
Hitesh is a young vibrant individual, with the natural nag to inspire and guide individuals into being the best possible person they could be. 
Ashleena Howathbehari
Hitesh Surujbally's courses are motivating and inspiring. His words leave me uplifted resulting in a huge smile on my face. 
Kathy Lee
As the anecdote goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I stumbled upon Hitesh's first book when I needed to start my healing journey and it has been a constant companion since then. A truly remarkable teacher and author. 
Rookaya Vawda
Hitesh is the most amazing and deeply spiritual person I know, he has such wisdom for one so young and has a real gift for teaching others through his creative writing, his books are a must for all who are searching for the truths in life. 
Beryl Bazley
If you could harness the power of a raging tornado, dress it in human clothes, you would get Hitesh Surujbally. Like a Gummi Bear - here, there and everywhere - he bounces around dispensing wisdom, positivity and  confidence. Like Paul McCartney said in a song: "Listen to what the man said". You'd be silly not to.
Ravi Govender
What a phenomenal speaker/book writer ! Hitesh`s book & Shows are mindblowing!
Ashveer Kooblal
On first impression you form an opinion that Hitesh is very quiet and shy, until you attend one of his workshops, where he roars like a lion, to get you motivated, pounces on you like a tiger so that you get the point and ultimately wins your heart like a new born pup with his sense of humour. 
Besides being a dark horse, he is also a magician, because who else can be in the medical field, an author, a motivational speaker, hold inspirational workshops, create websites, be an actor, and be kind, open, and loving all at  the same time. 
Chandra Kantha Singh
Hitesh presents Powerful & Practical, Life Changing Wisdom.
Raksha Ramdayal
Hitesh is the "GO TO" guy if you want to be inspired and motivated!
Lubna Nadvi
Hitesh is a Soul who cannot be held down or held back – his inner wisdom, and his zest for life and empowering that of those around him is inexhaustible.
Petra Nicol, Consulting Hypnotist
...and it will never be the same. Its impossible not to follow Hitesh's high energy, empowering and transformational road to a new you. Truly inspiring.
Heike Sym
I had won a seat at Hitesh's workshop, and since then, there has been such an amazing shift in my life. Hitesh is a fun filled, awesome, loving, person. Attending his workshops or reading his books is bound to have you shift your life and change your perceptions. 
Sharmena Bunseelal


This fun, energy packed workshop will take you through the 30 powerful Life principles. Be prepared for a session of light hearted comedy, magic, and all round entertainment with music, song and dance. Based on the best selling book, 30 Life Changing Laws, this Life Mastery workshop brings together all of the pieces of Life’s puzzle in one story that puts everything into perspective. Finally here is a workshop that bridges the gap between metaphysical laws and scientific laws bringing together body, mind and heart. In order to become a master of the Universe you must first master your own Life. By coming to understand the 30 Life principles in this workshop you then have the power to lead an incredible and inspired life, in which you experience fulfilment always in all ways, whether that is business or work, personal relationships, physical or mental health and finances.

Understand the process of Life                 Change your perspective on your challenges                 Develop powerful and lasting relationships
Fill in the missing pieces to your life                 Find joy and contentment in everything                 Move from VICTIM to VICTOR  
Increased energy                  Power to serve others & yourself                 Be inspired by a great vision for your Life

world     South Africa       Time     5 Hours       Rand     R1500 dl     Download Brochure or FULL Public Brochure

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Get Weekly Inspiration

Get Weekly Inspiration

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